“Upgrade Your Skill”

Puppeteer Lounge Webinar goes in-depth on certain workflows, topics, skills and techniques demonstrated by industry professionals to the participants during a live presentation. We also provide the video recording of these webinars for purchase. Below is the list of previously organized Exclusive Webinar.

In this Exclusive Webinar, Andrew explains all the insides and secrets of setting up corrective shapes using the SHAPES tool by brave rabbit. Learn to setup an expressive facial rig and create anatomically correct articulation for the body!

Special thanks to our guest instructor Andrew Silke from Create 3d Characters for sharing such brilliant tips and trickery on using SHAPES and Ingo Clemen the master behind SHAPES who was present the whole time answering questions and sharing his insights

SHAPES is a really powerful tool that let’s an artist to focus more into the creative side or process of character setup and speed up the workflow exponentially.

In this Exclusive Webinar, Suchan explains special techniques on character deformation! Not just the classic Skin Cluster deformation, but how you can exploit existing in-built deformers to push your rigging expertise to the next level!

What is a non-roll setup, when to use it and how to build it. Victor explains all the insides and secrets of the non-roll setup for rigging a character’s shoulder area!


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