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Upcoming Webinar: “SHAPES Webinar with Andrew Silke”

Join us for this Live Webinar and get an exclusive overview of the tips and trickery that Andrew has to share with us on using SHAPES tool by brave rabbit.

Topics that will be covered during the SHAPES Webinar:

1. Set Up
2. Creating Shapes
3. Shapes Brush
4. Modifying/Tweaking Existing Shapes
5. Mirroring Workflow
6. Auto creating SDKs
7. Creating Combos
8. Demo of a fairly finished face rig setup with shapes
9. Managing SHAPES with a complex setup
10. SHAPES Paint Weights
11. Auto creating Pose Space Deformers and Shapes for body
12. Using shapes for Animation Finaling
13. Demo of the upcoming SHAPES 2.0

Duration: 2.0 hours | Cost : USD $75 | Starts : Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 7:00:00 PM (AEST “Sydney” – GMT + 10 hours)

-Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to secure your seat for the upcoming SHAPES Webinar!

*Beautiful Natalie created and rigged by Andrew will be featuring in this Exclusive SHAPES Webinar. 

* brave rabbit offers a special discount on the purchase of student and commercial version of SHAPES 2.0 for the participants of this Live & Exclusive Webinar.

*We will also provide each participant with the Webinar video recording and scene file from the Webinar which includes a free copy of Natalie rig by Andrew Silke.

About Andrew Silke:

Andrew worked from small games studios to the biggest post effects houses in the world including Weta, Framestore and Animal Logic. Andrew’s credits include many movies such as Gravity, Avatar, Harry Potter and Happy Feet. Andrew now teaches 3D classes in Sydney (From modeling to rigging to animation to lighting and compositing) at Create3dCharacters.com

Andrew was the first to join the initial SHAPES beta. Andrew together with Ingo Clemens from brave rabbit have been collaborating with each other towards the development of SHAPES, the two of them infecting each other with great ideas!

This Webinar is Supported By: Ingo Clemens (brave rabbit)

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