We offer 6 flexible workshops that are 12 weeks each! Each workshop consists of 12 classes.

Our workshops are designed for all levels of animators. Beginning animators will be directed to learn on specific tools used in character animation.

The workshop includes class instruction taught by instructors which goes over lecture, review, assignment and Q/A.

Below is the summary of all available workshops!


In this workshop we will learn the basic principles of animation. Starting off from a bouncing ball to completing a walk-cycle with personality, we will learn about arc, timing, spacing, overlap, weight shift, anticipation, secondary movement, and exaggeration to achieve believable movement. Beginning animators must plant deep roots in to the basics if they hope to grow into the artists they aspire to become.

(Cost: $540)


In this workshop we will learn and explore the amazing world of body mechanics to create believable and convincing character movement and locomotion. Body mechanics is a two-word phrase used to describe the movements we make each day during normal activities, including lying in bed, sitting, standing, lifting, pulling, pushing and walking. We will learn how to maintain balance, gravity, force, path of action, timing and spacing to tackle almost any situation a character encounters.

(Cost: $540)


In this workshop we will fine tune our knowledge of body mechanics, where we go one step further and under the hood to tackle and master the art and science behind a good act in character animation with proper staging and composition.

(Cost: $540)


In this workshop we learn how to do acting shots. Acting is all about things we do! We will concentrate on some of the important elements that are needed to bring the character come to life by improving the overall believability and appeal on screen by emphasizing a proper blend of body language and facial acting through Pantomime.

(Cost: $540)


In this workshop we learn how to do closeup facial acting shot with dialogue. We will learn to animate an interesting audio based shot with dialogue with in-depth emphasis on facial performance and emotion to implant the personality of your choice into your character.

(Cost: $540)


In this workshop we learn how to do a full body acting shot with an appealing  blend of body and facial performance with dialogue. We will learn to animate an entertaining audio based shot with full body gestures and facial emotions giving importance to the most interesting ideas and artistic direction to suit the personality of your character.

(Cost: $540)


Instructor: William Broeckel

*For in-house training (Nepalese), contact us for more information.